Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome to Free Loot and Game Stuff!

Hi all!  Welcome to the site.  Over the years I've participated in many contests and giveaways, won some, and have given stuff away myself.  We have aggregation sites for hobby tips, tactics, and rumors, why not one for contests and giveaways?

My personal focus is currently more miniature related, which you can see over at my hobby blog, Sons of Taurus.   But Free Loot and Game Stuff will not be limited to that - role playing stuff, card games, board games - it's all welcome. 


Have a gaming-related giveaway or contest that you want to promote? This may be for you!


- Must not involve any cost to participants, beyond the time and mental capacity to enter. While I engage in and support things like charity raffles, this is not the place for them.

- Keeping with the no cost principle, this includes shipping costs. If you want to limit where you are willing to ship, please make a note of that in the contest.

-Items should be gaming or gaming hobby related. Some examples would be miniatures, game books, legal game book downloads from the creators, dice, hobby supplies like paint, board games, cards, etc. Things that are always free and available like "free forum membership" will be ignored.  This is intended as an all-ages site, so "adult" prizes and/or contest requirements are also not acceptable. 

-Contests may include requirements, just not direct costs. Pictures of a painted model, a short story, whatever are all fine, but entry fees are not. You are responsible for judging entries, choosing winners and redeeming prizes; I take no hand in that and accept no responsibility.

If your giveaway or contest meets these criteria, send me an email through my profile with a link to the contest, what the winner gets, how they get it, and when the deadline is. If it meets the criteria I'll post up a link for you.

If you are not the originator but you see something free or a contest you want to pass on, feel free to contact me about it too!

Disclaimer: I love free stuff as much as the next guy, and plan to enter contests that interest me. This site is a way to help spread the word to allow more people to enter or take advantage of offers, and I'm a people too!  I do not expect any special consideration beyond things publicly available to any entrant, like extra entries for linking to the contest. 

Let the Free Loot and Game Stuff roll!  Good luck and happy looting!

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