Friday, November 16, 2012

Limited edition CSM codex, Dark Vengeance set

Masterminis has a contest/drawing currently going on for a few prizes, like limited ed Chaos Marine books.  Follow, comment, guess, and also note in your comments how you found out about it (sonsoftaurus at Free Loot and Game Stuff!) for a chance at an additional prize; a Dark Vengeance set.
Here's the rules as of this posting, but be sure to head to Masterminis to read it directly and enter!  Good luck!

RULES - now read this well, or you might mess it up!

1. There are THREE giveaways. The first two giveaways (2xLt. CSM Codex) will be closed and drawn on the day we start the third giveaway, the so-called "GIVEAWHAT?". To keep it exciting, we will NOT tell you when the GIVEAWHAT will start. We might close this giveaway tomorrow or in two weeks. 

2. Only followers of this blog are eligible to win.

3. First giveaway (Ltd. CSM Codex): 
Among all comments and replies to THIS thread we will draw a random winner. ( You can comment on and reply to this thread as often as you want to, up to the day on which we reveal the GIVEAWHAT. 

BUT WAIT, DONT COMMENT YET - READ POINT 4! (Its like all CAPS, doods, do it!)

4. Second giveaway: (Ltd. CSM Codex, "Dolly Book")
In the comments and replies to THIS thread, we ask you to guess what crazy giveaway we have planned for the GIVEAWHAT? It is so crazy that IF you get it right, you will receive the second Ltd. CSM Codex as a prize. If noone has the right answer,  we will simply proceed according to the first giveaway: Everybody here has a chance to win by random draw (

Note: Only comments that are guesses of the GIVEAWHAT or comments clearly replying 1) to other user's guesses of the GIVEAWHAT or 2) comments and replies to the Revolution will be eligible to win. You can leave as many comments and replys as you want to increase your chances of winning - BUT we will disqualify senseless spammers. Be creative :) 

5. Third giveaway (The GIVEAWHAT?)
On the day we reveal the GIVEAWHAT? we close the first and second giveaways and draw the two winners of the Limited Edition CSM Codices. We will announce the winners in the same video in which we reveal the GIVEAWHAT?

EDIT 15.11. 6. No rule yet, messed it up

EDIT 15.11.  Rule 7. Vengeful Friends

Please bring your friends here. In the GIVEAWHAT post (you know where): Write "XYZ brought me here." and both of you are eligible to win the a Dark Vengeance Limited Edition box EACH. 
This rules should be clear now. Happy commenting! :) And good luck!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Download: 40K Objective Markers

Confessions of a 40K addict has cranked out some more freebies, objective counters for keeping track of variable values and mysterious objective results.  Just print, put on something solid and go!

I really like how the VP markers not only show the number, but also have a corresponding number of skulls, making it easier to tell from a distance. 

He's also put up a small terrain piece, a hatch that can be used on its own or in combination with other patterns. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Independent Characters Podcast Army Background Contest

Go to The Independent Characters and check it out.  Provide your 40K army background and a notable incident for a chance to win:
  • The Emperors Might – Art Book by Black Library detailing the art of The Space Marines.
  • The Emperors Will – Art Book by Black Library all about Inquisitors, Assassins, Astropaths, Investigators, etc. 
Good luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lost in the Warp miniatures contest!

Thanks to our correspondent Dexter "Eagle Eye" Wallis for pointing this one out!

Lost in the Warp is celebrating his 200th post with a giveaway!  Follow, comment, and he'll find a winner to pick from a selection of models.  Don't know if these will be ones he's already painted or others he just has lying around.  Check the previous link for details, and to check out his 200 posts!

Good luck!

Still more Vengeance! Spikey Bits model contest!

Another Dark Vengeance set up for grabs!  A little different this time, instead of the normal social media stuff, an actual contest involving models.

Send them a pic of a painted model with a particular printout by it (see SPIKEY BITS for full details) and they'll pic their favorite as a winner.  Conversion counts for more than painting.

Check it out, and good luck!