Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lost in the Warp miniatures contest!

Thanks to our correspondent Dexter "Eagle Eye" Wallis for pointing this one out!

Lost in the Warp is celebrating his 200th post with a giveaway!  Follow, comment, and he'll find a winner to pick from a selection of models.  Don't know if these will be ones he's already painted or others he just has lying around.  Check the previous link for details, and to check out his 200 posts!

Good luck!

Still more Vengeance! Spikey Bits model contest!

Another Dark Vengeance set up for grabs!  A little different this time, instead of the normal social media stuff, an actual contest involving models.

Send them a pic of a painted model with a particular printout by it (see SPIKEY BITS for full details) and they'll pic their favorite as a winner.  Conversion counts for more than painting.

Check it out, and good luck!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Free Dakka!

DakkaDakka forums are giving away a number of things, from minis and terrain to bags and painting services.  More social media drawings.

Good luck!

Free Fantasy RPG/Wargame download - REGIMENTALS!

Looking for an alternative fantasy skirmish or unit bashing game?  Looking for a fairly simple RPG that can handle those nearly-inevitable combats without getting too bogged down?  Check out Regimentals!

More Vengeance!

Another social media contest to win a Dark Vengeance box, this time from the excellent Ohiohammer (Second Founding) podcast.

The usual suspects - facebook, twitter, itunes.  Details HERE.

Good luck and act fast!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Download: 40K 6th ed objective markers

Thanks to Fred's Warhammer Stuff for these.  Simple PDF, print on cardstock or glue to 40mm bases, easy reminders for mysterious objectives (tm) and random-value ones.

Find them HERE.